Vintage Tube Electronics Hallicrafters Hallicrafters S-214 Receiver

Hallicrafters S-214 Receiver

Hallicrafters S-214 Front

The Hallicrafters S-214 was manufactured from 1967-1971.  This receiver is in excellent condition and has been restored to excellent working condition.  When I got the receiver it barely worked. The switches and controls were dirty, and it needed an alignment.  The case was extremely dirty and once it was cleaned up it looks really nice.  The power cord was replaced with a new one.  I also had to replace the dial lights.  The telescoping antenna is original.  I just replaced the button on the top of the antenna.

This receiver covers the AM broadcast band, FM broadcast band, and shortwave from 5.9kHz to 15.55kHz in four bands.  Fred Osterman in “Shortwave Receivers Past & Present” says this is a very scarce receiver.

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