Category: Philco

Philco vintage vacuum tube radios.

Philco 41-221 AC-DC Radio

This radio came to me for restoration missing two tubes, a broken dial pointer, missing dial glass, and a poor

Philco Model 60 Cathedral

This is a Philco Model 60 that has been restored. The electronics were previously repaired. The repairs were undone to

Philco 37-630 Table Top

Philco 37-630 Table Top Radio

Restored Philco 37-630 Table Top Radio.

Philco 38-10 Front

Philco 38-10 Table Top Radio

Restored Philco 38-10 table top radio.

Philco 37-610T Front

Philco 37-610 Tombstone Radio

Philco 37-610 with faux finish front. Faux finish removed and cabinet refinished.