Vintage Tube Electronics Philco Philco 37-610 Tombstone Radio

Philco 37-610 Tombstone Radio

Philco 37-610T Front

The finish on the front of this model is a faux (photo) finish and cannot be repaired easily if damaged.  Unfortunately this radio had some very bad damage to the photo finish that couldn’t be repaired.  The wood underneath was not damaged.  The finish was stripped, and the cabinet was completely refinished.  Considering that the front is not original, it still looks pretty good.

Notice in the photo of the back of the radio that the RF chassis is floating in the middle of the chassis and is held in alignment with rubber washers.  These were also replaced so the tuning shaft would align properly to the front of the radio and would not wobble.

The first photo shows what the cabinet looked like when I received the radio.  The faux wood finish on the front was beyond repair.

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