Vintage Tube Electronics AC-DC Radios RCA Victor AC/DC Bakelite Radio

RCA Victor AC/DC Bakelite Radio

This is a RCA Victor AC/DC radio that was sent to me for repairs. It had been restored at some time in its life, but the sound was very distorted. It still had the original selenium rectifier installed. Selenium rectifier failure is very common in radios of the 1960s. They are always replaced with a solid state rectifier when I do a restoration. The thing that impressed me was the condition of this radio. Bakelite radios are very often cracked and broken. This one is in beautiful condition.

The picture was taken on top of my 1946 Philco console radio that has been fully restored.

2 thoughts on “RCA Victor AC/DC Bakelite Radio”

  1. Dan,
    Did an excellent job in resolving the existing problems.
    The radio now sounds and plays quite nice.

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