Vintage Tube Electronics AC-DC Radios Magnavox AM/FM AC-DC Table Radio

Magnavox AM/FM AC-DC Table Radio

This Magnavox AC-DC radio needed five new tubes, a re-capping, and troubleshooting to find a broken connection in the FM tuner. I added an inrush current limiter and some additional power supply filtering to reduce the hum. The radio is is great shape and the finish was restored and not refinished. The radio has two speakers – a mid-range and a tweeter for great sound. I picked up this radio to use as a shop radio because of its AM/FM capability.

6 thoughts on “Magnavox AM/FM AC-DC Table Radio”

  1. so i have this same radio, and im gonna rip everything out and update it to be a modern bluetooth speaker, any recs on where to start? or maybe what kind of upgraded speakers i could be looking into?

  2. Harry, that looks great. I just picked 1 of these up from a neighbor for $20. Looks like I need to replace the light bulb. Does the distance of the station effect the volume? Some stations seem to pickup louder than others. Thanks, Mike

  3. Hello! I picked up one of these at a thrift store. Knobs are missing. Is there a good place to look around for replacements? Been looking on eBay but thought there might be a site that specializes in vintage radio knobs.

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