Vintage Tube Electronics Hickok Hickok 539C with Digital Meters

Hickok 539C with Digital Meters

Hickok 539C with Digital Meters

This 539C was not working because all three meters were bad.  The meters were replaced with digital meter replacements and the tube tester was calibrated.  Analog meters in tube testers that are 50 plus years old will have problems.  If they are working, they are most likely no longer accurate and readings will be off.  The digital meters are very accurate and not prone to the mechanical issues and overloads as with the older analog meters.  The micromho reading is read from the Gm meter as a percent of the selected scale.

Digital Meters are no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Hickok 539C with Digital Meters”

  1. I am an amateur radio enthusiast with an interest in vintage equipment. Tubes need to be tested. I need a good option. A Hickok 539c looks like a good option but there may be others.

  2. Hi,
    I was looking for a tube tester on the internet and came along your site.
    I’m living in Belgium – Europe and this type of equipment is hardly to find here.
    As I’m an electrical engineer and retired now, I’ve plenty of time to do a lot things I couldn’t do before . Ham Radio operator, Hammond B3 organ, electronic projects, …etc
    I’m interested in a HICKOK tester type 539C.
    Is there any available (now or in the near future) at your store – and what is de price
    Many thanks for answering

  3. The only tube testers I have available are listed on my website. I have nothing else coming up.

  4. Have this [analog version] tester with a Q about settings for unlisted tubes.

    Looking to test 6H30Pi tube [and others] on this tester.

    The seven selector switches can be easily mapped from the tube’s datasheet but I am at a loss as to how to translate the datasheet specs into the Switch Function position and the BIAS setting.

    I guess a non-specific Q would be how to determine these two settings for any unlisted tube?

  5. The test specifications are taken from the tube chart based on the way the tube tester sets the test parameters.

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