Precision 612 Tube Tester

Precision 612 Tube Tester

This is a pristine example of a Precision 612 tube tester.  The Precision 612 is a basic Cathode Emissions tester with battery testing functionality.  It does not have any VOM functions.  Calibration was spot on and did not have to be changed.

3 thoughts on “Precision 612 Tube Tester”

  1. I have a 612 by Precision and was wandering what it’s worth to sell. My father passed on and this tester he used all the time during his 40+years he was a electroninc technician. It’s in fair condition and it all works. What is it worth?
    Thank you.

  2. Tube testers are not worth much unless they are calibrated and verified to be working properly. I generally offer $25 for a tester that has a working meter movement and a transformer that is not burned out. The condition of the case is not that important as buyers want a working tube tester and not a showpiece.

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