Vintage Tube Electronics For Sale,Precision Restored and Calibrated Precision 912P For Sale – SOLD

Restored and Calibrated Precision 912P For Sale – SOLD

Precision 912P Deck

This is a restored Precision 912P Tube Tester.  Included is a CD with a copy of the manual and tube test data. The deck is in very good condition and the cabinet is in excellent condition.  The finish is original and was restored – it was not refinished.  This is one of the nicest original condition Precision tube testers that I have seen. The tube tester is fully functional and has been calibrated.  The power cord was replaced, the proper fuses were installed, controls were lubricated, cabinet restored, hardware cleaned, and calibration performed. The 912P has battery testing capability. I do not restore the battery testing circuits because these older tube testers are desired for tube testing capability and not battery testing. Most of the time the battery testing circuits will work. I will only ship this unit to the lower 48 states because of the weight. Contact Me if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Restored and Calibrated Precision 912P For Sale – SOLD”

  1. Looking for a picture of the inside showing where to parts are located.
    In other words, looking down at the inside, a list of the part number for each resistor. I have a 912, and the schematic, but I can’t figure out the position of the resistor’s with a marking of R23 etc,etc.

  2. There is nothing available that I know of to indicate where the parts are located on the deck. You have to trace the circuit from the schematic.

  3. Can anyone supply me with an actual Precision 912 manual or CD?
    Every time I find one, it says: 912-914. The schematic is for the 914.

  4. The documentation on our website has all the information available for Precision tube testers that we have found.

    Welcome to the world of old electronic equipment.

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