Vintage Tube Electronics For Sale,Hickok Hickok 534B Tube Tester For Sale – SOLD

Hickok 534B Tube Tester For Sale – SOLD

This is a Hickok 534B Tube Tester that has been repaired and professionally calibrated. The case shows normal wear for a tube tester of this age, but is electrically in very good shape. The tube tester has the following new items and enhancements:

  • New Gm Meter.
  • New Socket Savers.
  • New Roll Chart.
  • New Grid lead.
  • Bias fuse added for protection of the Bias pot.
  • Calibration and check out.

I did not do any testing of the circuit tester (VOM) circuitry. The circuit tester functionality may or may not work. This unit is best used as a tube tester and not a circuit tester.

The Tube Tester is $850 plus shipping to the lower 48 states only because of the weight. Contact Me if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Hickok 534B Tube Tester For Sale – SOLD”

  1. I have about 50 tubes I want to check and then I am done. I want to buy a tube checker (that works) but I don’t want to pay much for that limited use. Do you have anything?


  2. I have a Hickok 600 that would work well for your purposes. Calibrated and in great working order. Price is $325 plus shipping to the lower 48 states only.

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