Precision 10-xx Solid State Prototype?

Precision 10-xx Prototype

Does anyone know anything about this tube tester?

I believe it is a prototype Precision 10-xx that never saw production.  The meter is from a 10-12 tester.  The power supply uses a top hat solid-state rectifier instead of a #80 tube.  I can test tubes on this unit using the test data from a 10-12 tube tester.

The buttons for “W”, “X”, “Y”, and “Z” are individually pushed to make the connections to the tube rather than the lever switches like on the 10-12.  There is a knob that is pulled to clear the pressed buttons.

There is a “Gas” pushbutton that is not connected.  There must have been plans for a gas test in this tube tester.  A compactron tube socket has been added.

I would appreciate any information that anyone has about this tester. Contact Me if you know anything about it.

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