Precision 954 Tube Tester

Precision 954 Tube Tester

This is a really nice restored Precision 954 tube tester.

Precision 920 Tube Tester

Precision 920 Tube Tester

Restored Precision 920 Tube Tester.

Sparton 7-46 Restored Cabinet

Sparton 7-46 Console Radio

Beautifully restored Sparton 7-46 radio with record player.

Philco 38-10 Front

Philco 38-10 Table Top Radio

Restored Philco 38-10 table top radio.

Harman Kardon FA30XK Front

Harman-Kardon FA30XK Receiver

This is a Harmon Kardon FA30XK kit receiver that has been fully restored.

Hallicrafters S-214 Front

Hallicrafters S-214 Receiver

Resrtored Hallicrafters S-214 receiver.

Hallicrafters SX-100 Front

Hallicrafters SX-100 Communications Receiver

Beautifully restored Hallicrafters SX-100 Communications Receiver.

Hallicrafters S-76 Front

Hallicrafters S-76 Communications Receiver

Hallicrafters SX-76 Communications Receiver with large S-meter.

Precision 912 Tube Tester

Precision 912 Tube Tester

Restored Precision 912 Tube Tester. The case is actually in pretty good shape, with no damage and only minor

Philco 37-610T Front

Philco 37-610 Tombstone Radio

Philco 37-610 with faux finish front. Faux finish removed and cabinet refinished.