Vintage Radio Restoration

I restore Vintage Vacuum Tube Radios

Weston 981 Type 3 Tube Tester

This is a Weston 981 Mutual Conductance tube tester that was not functional when I received it for calibration.  One

Hickok 752A Tube Tester

Hickok 752A Tube Tester

This is a Hickok 752A that I restored electronically and calibrated.  This is a very nice tester and is very

Hickok 539C with Digital Meters

Hickok 539C with Digital Meters

This 539C was not working because all three meters were bad.  The meters were replaced with digital meter replacements and

Hallicrafters SX-96

The Hallicrafters SX-96 is very similar to the SX-100 without a few of the features like notch filter and crystal

Magnavox AM/FM AC-DC Table Radio

This Magnavox AC-DC radio needed five new tubes, a re-capping, and troubleshooting to find a broken connection in the FM


Heathkit IO-102 Oscilloscope

The Heathkit IO-102 is a transistor based oscilloscope. I replaced the electrolytic capacitors and some transistors that were very temperature

Precision EV-10A Vacuum Tube Multitester

This Precision EV-10A was brought to me by a Customer wanting to get it fixed and working again. When this

Zenith 5-S-119 Table Radio

This Zenith radio came to me partially working with the wrong knobs. The cabinet was left alone. The radio was

Philco Model 60 Cathedral

This is a Philco Model 60 that has been restored. The electronics were previously repaired. The repairs were undone to