Hallicrafters SX-96

The Hallicrafters SX-96 is very similar to the SX-100 without a few of the features like notch filter and crystal

Magnavox AM/FM Table Radio

This Magnavox AC-DC radio needed five new tubes, a re-capping, and troubleshooting to find a broken connection in the FM


Heathkit IO-102 Oscilloscope

The Heathkit IO-102 is a transistor based oscilloscope. I replaced the electrolytic capacitors and some transistors that were very temperature

Precision EV-10A Vacuum Tube Multitester

This Precision EV-10A was brought to me by a Customer wanting to get it fixed and working again. When this

Zenith 5-S-119 Table Radio

This Zenith radio came to me partially working with the wrong knobs. The cabinet was left alone. The radio was

Philco Model 60 Cathedral

This is a Philco Model 60 that has been restored. The electronics were previously repaired. The repairs were undone to

Heathkit LG-1 Laboratory Type Signal Generator

Heathkit LG-1 Laboratory Type Signal Generator for Sale – SOLD

This is a very nice Heathkit RF Signal Generator that has been completely restored and calibrated. Included is the original

Heathkit IG-82 Sine-Square Wave Generator

Heathkit IG-82 Sine-Square Wave Signal Generator

This is a restored Heathkit IG-82 Sine-Square Wave Signal Generator. The signal generator operates through audio frequency range and beyond.

Feiler TS-3A Signal Tracer

Feiler Electronic “Stethoscope” Signal Tracer

This is a restored Feiler TS-3A Signal Tracer.  They labeled it an Electronic “Stethoscope”.  This signal tracer can be used

Heathkit O-10 Oscilloscope

Heathkit O-10 Oscilloscope for Sale – SOLD

This is a repaired and fully functional Heathkit O-10 Oscilloscope. The original manual (not a copy) is included. It does