Vintage Tube Electronics For Sale,Hickok Hickok 532 For Sale – SOLD

Hickok 532 For Sale – SOLD

This is a Hickok 532 tube tester that has been repaired and calibrated. The meter is new. A Bias fuse has been added. The power cord and shorts indicator are new. The 8 and 9 pin socket savers are new. The roll chart has been replaced with a new reproduction. Includes grid and plate leads. An original Hickok 533 manual is included. The 532 and 533 are equivalent in functionality.

The case shows the normal amount of wear for a vintage tube tester. The tube tester is electrically in excellent condition. Because the meter is new, the tube tester can be expected to work very well for a long time.

The tube tester is $450 $400 plus shipping to the lower 48 states only because of the weight. Contact Me if you are interested.

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